Dark Chocolate Southern Pecan Toffee

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Our dark chocolate southern pecan toffee is handcrafted in small batches to ensure a unique soft buttery crunch that sets ours toffees above the rest! Made with premium dark chocolate, fresh butter, raw pecans, and sugar it is a true gourmet treat EVERYONE loves! Our BEST SELLER!

*16oz and 32oz are packaged in gift boxes with bows*

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9 reviews for Dark Chocolate Southern Pecan Toffee

  1. Leslie Todd

    I absolutely LOVE them all but Southern Pecan has to be my favorite! I know it’s fresh for 6 months or possible to freeze it…. but mine never lasts for that long!

  2. Erin Henning

    Seriously the BEST toffee I’ve had 🙂 I always look for it at every craft show I attend and buy multiple packages!!!

  3. Judy Atwater

    Dark Chocolate Southern Pecan toffee is the BEST I’ve ever eaten! I buy it every year at the Christmas in the South Show. I just need to buy more for myself…..😄

  4. Jim Smyers (verified owner)

    Over the holidays I took the easy way out and bought toffee from a major retailer at the mall, who shall remain unnamed,

    Having purchased Carolina Candy’s dark chocolate pecan several times to call this cooking store’s toffee a disappointment is to understate the case.

    Lesson learned. Nobody but CCC for me.

    • Kim

      thank you so much! we appreciate your loyalty and love of Carolina candy co!

  5. Colleen Hale

    Delicious! I tried a sample, bought some and I am totally hooked!

  6. Corinne Heymann

    The BEST you will ever have. I purchase mine through The Produce Box every time it comes available. Like another reviewer said, though it can last a while, it never does. So good, y’all!!

  7. Dana Black

    We were visiting Wilmington Saturday, May 29, 2021, for the day. We normally buy specialty things there that we can’t get in Jacksonville. One of the things we buy is Chapel Hill Toffee from Whole Foods, which we bought on this trip, as usual, however, we mistakenly discovered Carolina Candy Shop and after hearing about their toffee over the phone, we decided to stop by to check it out, and guess what…WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR DARK CHOCOLATE PECAN TOFFEE, and it has replaced Chapel Hill Toffee our my lives, permanently! This toffee is perfectly flavored, and you can actually taste every ingredient, the chocolate, the toffee, and the pecans. Carolina Candy…keep up the excellent, delicious work!

  8. Anna Taylor

    I bought some of the dark chocolate southern pecan toffee at the Bazaar Bazaar in Richmond a few weeks ago. It was absolutely devine, which is why I’m now planning to order online!

  9. Nan

    Seriously the best toffee I’ve ever eaten. I’m addicted.

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