Dark Chocolate Southern Pecan Toffee

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Our dark chocolate southern pecan toffee is handmade from scratch using only the finest whole ingredients: butter, sugar, pecans, and chocolate.

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6 reviews for Dark Chocolate Southern Pecan Toffee

  1. Leslie Todd

    I absolutely LOVE them all but Southern Pecan has to be my favorite! I know it’s fresh for 6 months or possible to freeze it…. but mine never lasts for that long!

  2. Erin Henning

    Seriously the BEST toffee I’ve had 🙂 I always look for it at every craft show I attend and buy multiple packages!!!

  3. Judy Atwater

    Dark Chocolate Southern Pecan toffee is the BEST I’ve ever eaten! I buy it every year at the Christmas in the South Show. I just need to buy more for myself…..😄

  4. Jim Smyers (verified owner)

    Over the holidays I took the easy way out and bought toffee from a major retailer at the mall, who shall remain unnamed,

    Having purchased Carolina Candy’s dark chocolate pecan several times to call this cooking store’s toffee a disappointment is to understate the case.

    Lesson learned. Nobody but CCC for me.

    • Kim

      thank you so much! we appreciate your loyalty and love of Carolina candy co!

  5. Colleen Hale

    Delicious! I tried a sample, bought some and I am totally hooked!

  6. Corinne Heymann

    The BEST you will ever have. I purchase mine through The Produce Box every time it comes available. Like another reviewer said, though it can last a while, it never does. So good, y’all!!

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